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User :  Moogumuro
Date of publication :   2019-08-26
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Yum! The weather is getting cool, and this is perfect for fall. 😘
Comment from : miapdx

Lilacs & Lightning
looks great love your utensils :) lol
Comment from : Lilacs & Lightning

Thank you.It looks very delicious.
Comment from : ss

1/2 cup sugar and 2 fucking packages of butter,and you call this healthy. Goddamn American
Comment from : XxLiquifyxX

Kill the light
You can replace butter with. Coconut oil ! And the brown sugar with dattes sirop it
Comment from : Kill the light

Kill the light
Thts not healthy
Comment from : Kill the light

Lady D
How this can be healthy? Full of sugar and butter!
Comment from : Lady D

Mona Makram
Looks delicious 😋
Comment from : Mona Makram

Mona Makram
Too sweet
Comment from : Mona Makram

Annabell Molina-Muñiz
People are so negative... Ugh!! It looks delicious.. Thank you for sharing.
Comment from : Annabell Molina-Muñiz

Samuel arroyo
Too much sugar..10% apples 5%butter 85% diabetes
Comment from : Samuel arroyo

Ulrike Maier
delicious but not healthy, ha ha....
Comment from : Ulrike Maier

Stop stealing someone’s else’s work, you took the video from channel of ihabplanet
Comment from : tota12ify

Erick Varela
How the fuck is that healthy ? Eww I think got diabetes from watching this video
Comment from : Erick Varela

I have no idea what is so ”healthy” about this version
Comment from : MotivatedAngel

Dore ́ Love
I just made this except I used coconut sugar and half cup for the whole recipe. SO GOOD! Very rich tasting. I think I may even try slightly less sugar next time just to see how it turns out. Great recipe!
Comment from : Dore ́ Love

Im like lol just adding oats to all that butter & sugar does not turn it healthy
Comment from : orando15

Butter and all that brown sugar, where does the healthy part come in at?
Comment from : mistaeric

willako L
That is not a healthy version sorry
Comment from : willako L

karyder1977 rodri
Can i do this with blueberries? And if so would i still add the lemon juice or what do i substitute with?
Comment from : karyder1977 rodri

neha doe
That looks delicious and easy..Not healthy! But def gonna try
Comment from : neha doe

common dude really don't say this shit healthy u put something healthy (oats) into a whole bunch of sugar and butter smh this is a CLICK BAIT
Comment from : isomjarz

I think replacing the butter with coconut oil would be healthier
Comment from : atooma

cheryl Martin
Healthy man added half a pack of sugar and corn starch?!? Is the corn starch added to make it rise? Let's hope that his health remains intact. We do love our sugar don't we.
Comment from : cheryl Martin

Tammy G
Looks good im gonna try it today
Comment from : Tammy G

Leo Mitchell
Great Video! Music was spot on and video was easy to understand. Good Job!
Comment from : Leo Mitchell

Healthy? I saw a whole 1 cup of sugar there...
Comment from : Alexsander

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